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Modern offices are always on the lookout for ways to enhance productivity and boost staff morale. These methods may include expensive training courses and team building days, but one essential means of improving productivity is often overlooked. Installing a water cooler in the office can make a significant difference practically overnight, resulting in a happier and more productive office environment.

Cool water - an office essential

Roughly two thirds of the human body consists of water, and it is used for virtually all the vital processes that take place within the body. This water is used up throughout the day, and must be replaced in order to keep the body and the brain functioning at an optimum level. It is estimated that we all need between 6-8 large glasses of water each day, and doing so not only ensures that everything inside the body is running smoothly, but it can also significantly boost concentration, enhance mood and increase alertness. According to resent research many food products available today are high in energy from added sugar, which in turn decreases the amount of water that is stored naturally. With this lack of essential waters and high sugars, especially in todays fast food, grab a bite on the go culture, having fresh drinking water available is almost an essential part of any office. Evidence suggests that a lack of water consumption can result in fatigue, poor concentration and bad health. In an office environment, this can quickly have a China Screw-Type Condensing Unit Manufacturers negative effect in terms of productivity and staff morale. However, there is a simple and effective way to keep your workforce hydrated throughout the day and make a significant and beneficial impact on productivity.

Bottle and point of use water coolers versus other drinks

Water coolers are a simple and cost-effective way of ensuring that staff drink sufficient levels of water throughout the working day. Easy to use, they provide quick access to cool, refreshing water in a completely hygienic way. During periods of hot weather, office environments can become very uncomfortable, and b y China Air-Cooled Condenser Suppliers providing the workforce with clean fresh water throughout can often prevent members of staff becoming ill and remaining properly hydrated.

Scientists and nutritionists consider plain water to be the best drink for keeping the body properly hydrated throughout the day. Many office workers drink high quantities of coffee. While coffee may give a quick short-term boost in energy levels, this caffeine high is soon followed by a corresponding low, resulting in decreased energy levels and poor concentration, and can play a significant contributing factor to that all too familiar 'mid afternoon low'. It is also a diuretic, increasing the rate of dehydration and trips to the bathroom. Sugary drinks can also result in peaks and troughs in concentration and alertness.

While it might not seem like a significant addition to the office environment at first, a bottled or mains fed water cooler will soon pay for itself in improved efficiency and better office morale and also shows the workforce that the health of its employees is extremely important to the management of any business.

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